CRL FEIN® Circular Saw Blade #FKB103

CRL FEIN® Circular Saw Blade #FKB103

  • $84.99

  • Perfect for Cutting Braces for Sunroof Installations
  • Trims Bend Over Tabs from Encapsulated Truck Sliders
  • Especially Designed for the Fein Knives

If you install sunroofs, truck sliders, or van windows you really want this blade. The FEIN® Circular Saw Blade makes cutting braces a breeze. The blade does not spin but oscillates so if you touch it to your skin it won't cut you, but touch it to steel and it sinks in, cutting easily and quickly with full control. Use it to plunge cut the metal bend over tabs in factory sliders prior to cutting through the urethane. Blade diameter is 3-1/8" (79 mm).

​Blade Diameter:3-1/8" (79 mm)
Ship Via:Can Ship UPS
Shipping Weight:8 oz (227g)

These blades are not warranted against breakage and credit will not be offered for broken blade claims. The blades are made from tempered steel that is strong but brittle and will break if flexed to an extreme.